CRM and ERP development services for focused business achievements

CRM and ERP development

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). It is time to Innovate and Automate your business processes inventively.

Customer Relationship Management, in short CRM is all about customer interactions and managing it in the right way. CRM gives every business to work on the customer satisfaction parameters and thereby to increase revenue for the company. CRM offers single packages which clubs Contents, sales data, project details, Inventory management and documentation in to a single platform to enhance business growth. It is the best way of using technology to create, organise and manage business processes like sales, marketing and other related technical support functions.

Atom Groups have a specialised team to offers the Customer Relationship Management services which helps to create, establish and manage data for the entire organisation to access and thereby to contribute towards achievement of customer delightedness.

Revive Growth with increased productivity with ERP Solutions.

It is high time for every business houses to automate, streamline and simplify Business Processes with the help of innovative ERP Solutions. We at Atom Groups, develops ERP Software which helps the organisation to distribute information and access internally and externally combining different functions such as sales, finance, accounting, marketing, MIS and many more. Our ERP solutions are made to fit requirements, and are highly cost effective in terms of implementation and maintenance.