It is time to find the real you with Atom Group

Atom Group, the ideal place to search the real talent inside you. With each step we move forward, we ensure to become the happiest place for our team members to be in. Combining excellence and fun to the workplace, every day is a new endeavor for us to find passion and joy in what we do. The feeling of being creative and out of box makes us special always and this is the key behind what we deliver to you.

The Atom Family comprises of vibrant and fun loving members who have strong passion about what they do. To add colors to life we never miss to celebrate any happy occasions in life, let be it a birthday, festival, marriage or any other moments. Atom Group is the destiny which you were in search for long time. Join us in the dream of touching new horizons of success.

A feeling of togetherness from Culture

It is our strong belief that culture creates a platform for performance and to become together for all times. We at Atom, respects, appreciates and encourage individual talents to come together to contribute and take part in the overall success. Atom always firmly believes in developing a culture of togetherness to enhance individual as well as corporate performance standards.

To underline the said statement, we encourage cross domain interferences and combinations from each of our talented members in order to gain expertise and competency in the industry. Learning being taken as a motto on every stage we cover, Atom Group is always in search of new information, technological advancements and skill sets by working with people from different cultures around the world to enlarge our scope and new horizons to reach. Dreaming and the urge of learning how to make those true makes Atom Group a smarter place to be in.



Exact combination of Professional and Personal Life

A perfect work life balance is quite essential for any employee to grow in life and to contribute towards the success of the corporate she or he works with. Atom clearly understands this and considers as a prime motto to ensure that each team member’s personal life and professional life are balanced with the flexibility we offer to them.

At Atom, there is no limit for appreciations and encouragements as each performance growth shown by any team member is a great add-on to our growth. We are happy to be a part of causal events and celebrations to cherish the success of our team members alongside appraising them formally on frequent intervals. From Awards to recognitions, celebrations to festivals we are never behind to be apart with our team members.

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