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IT Solutions & Consultancy

Atom Groups understands the relevance and vitality of IT Infrastructure management and with the help of cost efficient technology back up, we deliver the best solutions and consultancy services to our clients.

IT Solutions & Consultancy

IT Consultants

Atom Group focuses on different areas of IT infrastructure and our strength is our talented team is IT consultants with years of expertise in various technologies.

Technical Consultants

The success of every project depends on the smooth implementation and regular upgradation and maintenance. Our Technical Consultants are always ready to help the clients to smoothly launch and complete any project cycle we take accountability of. With real time support over Phone, Mail and web conferencing, our team of technical consultants are quipped to deliver high quality solutions.

Maintenance Consultants

To become an application or project successful, proper maintenance is a key. We the Atom Groups provide Maintenance consultants at the most competitive rates in the industry. Our consultants are experienced and dedicated to meet the client’s requirements with the most expected standard of operation backed up with proper research and analysis.

Speciality Consultants

It is really important to have a proper sync with human and non-human interfaces and for that we have a team which concentrates on high end analysis and application of technology to it. With keeping the end user experience in priority, our skilled designers and consultants are keen in making the User interface much better with proper graphic properties.