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Training lab

ATOM boasts of fully-equipped, state of the art training laboratories outfitted with comprehensive tools and educational aids to provide hands-on training to learners. These learning centres are characterized by relaxed ambience, by evidences of purposeful activities and best use of available facilities, enabling an atmosphere for learning without fatigue. The courses are conducted by expert professionals who have considerable experience and knowledge in their fields. Every individual is provided one-to-one guidance which enables them to outperform themselves by the end of the course. We are highly committed to developing careers and a workforce that makes our industry sustainable and qualified.

Our solid understanding of best practices, industrial regulations and international standards ensures that our courses are capable of addressing real workplace challenges. Our unique industrial experience and exposure guarantees that our courses are engaging and effective.


Atom Product

ATOM Nexus

ATOM was founded in February 2007 to meet the growing demand of the fast growing IT industry, A young team of dynamic professionals with a vision formed the driving force of this venture with a mission to deliver the best and investing in far flung relationships.
The business started off with BPO services and over a passage of time made forays into publishing,training,web development and cloud computing

ATOM IT Service

ATOM is an unparalleled leader in IT technology and delivers effective IT solutions that best meet the customer requirements. We have been involved with various industries including health care, construction, retail, education, entertainment and legal and through our sheer enthusiasm and confidence, sailed through every challenge and exceeded every expectation to evolve into a better and a stronger organisation. We pride ourselves on successful project management and completion, regardless of the sectors we chose to work in, which in turn has earned us trust and outstanding reputation through client referral.

Although Software development is our forte, we offer a varied range of services as well. We aim to improve the business brand of our clients in order for the business to achieve its fullest potential. We proactively strive to improve the quality of our processes while reducing production time and costs of our deliverables..

Digital marketing

The difference between a page that gets visitors and a page that gets lost in the internet abyss is in its SEO. ATOM internet marketing is a professional search engine optimiser and enables better social media marketing campaigns. Our search engines use strategies, techniques and tactics that drive the users to client websites by improving its visibility and ensuring that the client site is accessible to search engines. We help to improve your search engine ranking and get your pages the recognition that they deserve.

The advent of internet and mobile as a social media provides marketers with better ways to reach, engage and connect with their target audience. ATOM digital marketing experts implement a results-driven approach in order to achieve high visibility on all major search engines like for example Yahoo, Google, Bing etc. Our team of highly dedicated and qualified professionals provide internet marketing solutions which improve the search engine results for our clients and drives up the number of visitors to their sites.

Social media has tremendous power to influence market and drive mass traffic to your websites. The social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin etc. has made it all the more easier for businesses to promote their merchandise and improve brand image. ATOM leverages the potential of social media in the best interests of your company.