Framework &
Architecture of Go On Chat

Improve your operational efficiency with Go On Chat, the perfect answer for a two-way communication with your employees or customers. Personal chat, social or enterprise level communication – let our app be your go-to solution.


Why Go On Chat

Go on Chat has a robust documentation and a customizable code that can meet your business purpose. Need more reasons? Here we go



Go On Chat can be linked back to any other app or system for a seamless flow across your channels. It can be scaled or customized to any level.


Full Control

When you adopt our system, you get access to the backend too. You exercise full control on the code for quick customizations.



You do not need to rely on your existing servers to host our app. We can put it on cloud for access across locations with ease.


Best-in-class Tech

When you work with Go On Chat you can be assured of the latest in tech with fully loaded features.


Communicate Anytime, Anywhere

Reach recipients and be reachable at any given time. With Chat App IM chat app solution, you can stay connected through multiple communication mediums.

Keep Chatting, Round the Clock Across Locations…

No matter where your employees or customers are based, the app can work glitch-free.

Voice & Video enabled

Text is passe. Go On Chat can transmit voice and video messages quickly.

Push Notification

Never miss an update with an alert on your phone


Whether you are online or offline, the messenger will work round the clock.

Group Messaging

Get together for a common purpose or interest on Go On Chat.

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Loaded features

Whether the purpose is personal or business, you will be amazed by the chat, voice, video and cloud functions.

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Never lose an important conversation with all history saved on your phone

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Send or receive files from across social media channels with a well-connected interface


Business Messaging

Go On Chat is the best assistance for project management. All files and discussion can sit in one place for easy reference.


Quick Search

Look through the pile of data and files through a quick search module



All your confidential files can move securely between team members


Sleek Code

The lightweight backend will run the app on any phone or system.



Choose file storage for 30, 60, 90 days or more depending on your purpose.

Customise Quickly

Your business needs may change quickly and you may want to delete old functions and add on new ones. You can customize and scale to any level with full access to the code. The cloud storage adds to the ease.

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Build a community

With no limits on size, build large groups for your personal or business purpose

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Admin support

Monitor group activity from a single point

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Cloud backed

Scale to any level as your future business needs increase

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Fully compatible

No matter what hardware or software your users might have, it can work across platforms.

Secure & Safe

Never worry about losing an important file or data point. All messages are encrypted.

  • Authenticate

    The users can secure their chats with passcodes

  • Auto Delete

    Users can select storage for limited periods, after which it is deleted automatically

  • Full encryption

    Safe transmission of messages is ensured, making it fit for even business purpose

  • Two factor checks

    Passcode and online verification is combined to ensure the app is not used by unauthorized people


Fully Integrated

If you have an existing system, you can integrate our app to ensure users feel comfortable with the new interface.

  • Collaborative Functionality

    Experience the most sought third-party integration technology to reap extensive business benefits.

  • In-house SDK Solution

    Leverage your core business requirement through Android, iOS and Web code libraries.

  • Integrate Built Chat API

    Utilize open API business strategy internally or externally to stimulate end-user.

  • API with Custom strategy

    Utilize open API business strategy internally or externally to stimulate end-user.