What is Advanced Android Development?

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Android is the most popular open source mobile operating system. It dominates almost eighty percent of world’s smart phone market. The Advanced Android Development training course is designed for those developers who already possess an experience in Java programming and who are well acquainted with the Android environment. It is basically an instructor-led training course which is developed by our Google developers training team. It complements our basic skills training.

Prerequisites To Learn Advanced Android Development?

The Advanced Android Development Training course particularly assumes that the programmers have the knowledge of the following:

  • Installation and usage of Android Studio
  • Run applications on a device as well as on an emulator from Android Studio.
  • Interaction with users via click handlers
  • Creation of layouts with the Android Studio Editor.
  • Creation and usage of Recycler Views.
  • Data saving in Android Shared preferences and in a local SQL database.

This course is considered as a companion to Android Developer Fundamentals and enables developers to appear for Associate Android Developer certification examination.

Why Learning Advanced Android Development?

In the present scenario, application development is one of the most promising careers to opt for. Those who are passionate about applications and programs must know that basic knowledge is not sufficient. You need to raise the bar with innovative apps. The market is teeming with opportunities. Grab those opportunities before it is too late.

Once you have a mastery over creating applications through Android then it would become an effortless task for you to work for other operating systems. Enough reasons for you to jump in and pursue this highly rewarding career.

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We are a team of highly experienced certified experts with specialization in application development. Our training course is structured whilst taking into account the industry requirements and trends.

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