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Atom is filled with incredibly creative and smart people and we continue the process of enhancing your brain power to deliver the toughest & challenging opportunities we jump in to. Built on freedom, excitement and trust on new attempts, we ensure our workplace to be one of the best place one would love to be in.

Look at and judge us based on the standard of our professionalism and the way we grab each of the opportunities to learn and to develop ourselves as a team. We might me small in numbers, but we are brilliant and always tries to keep the Atom Family concept on top.

We stick to the policy of being a professional atmosphere, nevertheless we have strong respect and sense towards the personal life of our team members. Offering a perfect balance of personal and professional life, we welcome you to achieve your life goals by combining teamwork and self-belief.

If you have the love towards technical challenges, passion of solving complex issues, to spend time in a high-performance environment, explore more for exhilarating and rewarding career with Atom.

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We are passionate in what we do and we need more such people Things which makes us different!!!

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